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Windows 7 and Windows XP

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Recently upgraded from Windows XP Business Edition to Windows 7. Unfortunately, some of my old programs don't run on Windows 7. If I install Windows XP on my new computer, is it going to totally mess things up ????

Isn't it amazing companies always claim new and improved but then expect consumers to spend, spend, spend and fill the landfill with old programs that can't work with new programs !!!!!!! We seem to have become a world full of selfish people that has no respect for people, things or this planet. Sorry, don't mean to get on a soap box but as a small business owner I am tired of having to spend money on software that is not compatible with new software. I did not receive a bail out, my bank cancelled my line of credit and I, of course, never got a call from Warren Buffet telling me he is going to invest in my company !!!!! LOL


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windows 7 pro also has xp mode.

depending on your new computer - you can install XP, it just may be a bigger process with drivers. Refer to the driver support of your computer model to see if there are in fact drivers for XP. if there isn't, it may still be possible using the internal hardwares vendors driver, but it is a deep process and you and the machine may become more involved than you would like to admit

do you mind if i ask what programs you are having problems running in windows 7?

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I completely understand your frustrations been there myself. If you happened to have upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate you can use XP mode, below is a link with a walk through.

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